Andrew Jones  -Gallery Photographer

I am Andrew Jones, a professional photographer based in the South West of England. After leaving corporate life I completed an MA and set up and ran the successful f4clifton photography gallery in the heart of Clifton village, Bristol, until January 2024. While the retail shop is now closed, I still sell my images through my online store.

I am have always been drawn to the magnificence of the landscape and my work aims to showcase that beauty. With frequent trips to the French Alps, and occasionally Norway and the Scottish highlands, I am particularly captivated by mountains, which seem to me to take on an almost spriritual presence, ever changing in their beautiful and mesmerising magnificence. It is no surprise to those that know me that this is a significant area of my works' focus, alongside more local images from my hometown, Bristol.

I hope you will feel inspired to support my work by either buying a print, coming along on a course, or even just contacting me to say which images you particularly like!